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LTD Eshin

We has been specialized in chemicals such as textile dyeing auxiliaries, Urethane Resin and various emulsifier. Please give us your valuable time and go through below for our information

We are so much happy to introduce our company & products. We has been specialized in chemicals such as textile dyeing auxiliaries, Urethane Resin and various emulsifier. Please give us your valuable time and go through below for our information. * For Textile Dyeing Auxiliaries - Softners ( Fatty Amide, Silicone, Urethane Resin etc ) - Wet Fastness Improving Agent - Levelling Agent ( Equvalent: Albegal-B & SET/ CIBA ) - High Functional Penetrating Agent for Printing - Anti-Microbial Agent for textile, Bedclothes,Leather etc - Anti-Oligomer/Scale Agent for Dyeing Machine. - Dispersing agent - Carrier - Fixing agent * For Water/Oil Repellent Agents - Fluorine based resin emulsion - It can be applied to all kinds of fabrics & Leathers * Household Softner base - Esterquaternary Type (Dialkylester Ammonium Methosulfate) - Imidazolinium Type (Ditallowamido Imidazolinium Methosulfate) * Urethane Resin For Fabric ( Elastomer ) - As water soluble Urethane, It builds up the fastness of color clearly on all kinds of Fabric. - It gives nice elastic property to the fabric. - Wrinkles Free * Industrial Chemicals - Nonylphenol Ethoxylate (...,NP9, NP10... ) - Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate (Lauryl,Cetyl,Stearyl,Oleyl ...) - Polyethylen Glycol PEG 200,400..., 6000 ) * Detergent / Shampoo -TEAD ( Bleach Activator ) : Tetra Acetyl Ethylene Diamine - LAS : Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid - SLES : Sodium Laurylether Sulfate - LPO : Polyacrylate Sodium Salt - Super Absorbent Polymer : Polyacrylic Acid / Polyacrylate If you need any materials about our products,please let us know. We will do our best to cooperate with you. If we have any chance to cooperate with you, it should be so much happy. Your kind attention would be much appreciated. Best Regards, S.J. Lee

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Country: Korea, South
City: Inchon
Address: 29-312, Inchon Industrial Goods Circulating Center, Song Lim-Dong Dong-Gu, No.129, Song Lim-Dong Dong-Gu,
Phone: +82 (32) 588-37-20
Fax: +82 (32) 588-37-19
E-mail: eshinchem@hanmail.net
URL address:
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